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As of 01/06/2014 this domain was acquired by LIBAK engineering, a company specializing in Mechanical Engineering and Computer aided Engineering.

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SORRY...the free converter has been discontinued. All uploaded files deleted :-/

Please contact us if you need files converted!

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This will be the new web site design of

The new web site design of

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Welcome to the web site!

About CADtrans

A small company, residing in Denmark, specialized in converting 3D CAD files from all major 3D CAD systems into a broad range of non-native file formats such as IGS, STP, VRML, U3D etc.Also conversion into some native formats is possible.

Please contact Michael Libak for INFO and RFQ's


Thank you :-)

Files from the following 3D CAD systems can be converted

  • AutoCAD
  • Catia
  • I-DEAS
  • Inventor
  • Lattice XVL
  • MicroStation
  • OneSpace Designer
  • Parasolid
  • Solid Works
  • Solid Edge
  • Unigraphics NX


Please contact us if Your file type is not listed here:

ipt to iges iam to iges cadds to iges _pd to iges pd to iges model to iges dlv to iges exp to iges session to iges catproduct to iges catpart to iges catshape to iges cgr to iges mf1 to iges arc to iges unv to iges pkg to iges jt to iges xv0 to iges xv3 to iges lw to iges lwo to iges lws to iges dgn to iges prt to iges pkg to iges sdp to iges sdpc to iges sdw to iges sda to iges sds to iges bdl to iges ses to iges x_t to iges x_b to iges prt to iges xpr to iges asm to iges xas to iges neu to iges par to iges sldasm to iges sldprt to iges dwg to igs dxf to igs ipt to igs iam to igs cadds to igs _pd to igs pd to igs model to igs dlv to igs exp to igs session to igs catproduct to igs catpart to igs catshape to igs cgr to igs mf1 to igs arc to igs unv to igs pkg to igs jt to igs xv0 to igs xv3 to igs lw to igs lwo to igs lws to igs dgn to igs prt to igs pkg to igs sdp to igs sdpc to igs sdw to igs sda to igs sds to igs bdl to igs ses to igs x_t to igs x_b to igs prt to igs xpr to igs asm t  igs xas to igs neu to igs par to igs sldasm to igs sldprt to igs dwg to step dxf to step ipt to step iam to step cadds to step _pd to step pd to step model to step dlv to step exp to step session to step catproduct to step catpart to step catshape to step cgr to step mf1 to step arc to step unv to step pkg to step jt to step xv0 to step xv3 to step lw to step lwo to step lws to step dgn to step prt to step pkg to step sdp to step sdpc to step sdw to step sda to step sds to step  bdl to step ses to step x_t to step x_b to step prt to step xpr to step asm to step xas to step neu to step par to step sldasm to step sldprt to step dwg to stp dxf to stp ipt to stp iam to stp cadds to stp _pd to stp pd to stp model to stp dlv to stp exp to stp session to stp catproduct to stp catpart to stp catshape to stp cgr to stp mf1 to stp arc to stp unv to stp pkg to stp jt to stp xv0 to stp xv3 to stp lw to stp lwo to stp lws to stp dgn to stp prt to stp pkg to stp sdp to stp sdpc to stp sdw to stp sda to stp sds to stp bdl  o stp ses to stp x_t to stp x_b to stp prt to stp xpr to stp asm to stp xas to stp neu to stp par to stp sldasm to stp sldprt to stp dwg to iges dxf to iges. Also we can convert max convert 3ds convert dwg convert dxf convert ipt convert iam convert cadds convert _pd convert pd convert model convert dlv convert exp convert session convert catproduct convert catpart convert catshape convert catdrawing convert cgr convert c4d convert dae convert skp convert hp convert hgl convert hpl convert hpgl convert plt convert mf1 convert arc convert unv convert pkg convert prt convert ifc convert jt convert kmz convert xv0 convert xv3 convert lw convert lwo convert lws convert ma convert mb convert dgn convert prt convert pkg convert sdp convert sdpc convert sdw convert sdwc convert sda convert sdac convert bdl convert ses convert sds convert sdsc convert x_t convert xmt convert x_b convert xmt_txt convert prt convert prt* convert xpr convert asm convert asm* convert xas convert neu convert neu* convert 3dm convert par convert asm convert pwd convert psm convert sldasm convert sldprt convert sldlfp convert asm convert wrl convert vrml convert u3d